Core values

We follow the teachings of Jesus who calls us to love our neighbors, care for children and challenge injustice. Therefore, we are called to serve the neediest people; to relieve their suffering and promote the transformation of the wellbeing.

Image by Hanna Morris

We help to improve community awareness by partnering with local organizations

Our values

People: we believe that every person is created equal and entitled to freedom, justice, peace and opportunity.

Love: we believe that to treat everybody, and anybody with absolute respect and unconditional love.

Liability: we believe that to be accountable to our supporters and donors, to our funding agencies, and to the families we serve.

Compassion: we believe that we have a responsibility to care for our clients, our communities and our employees’ whit respect and dignity.

Partners: We believe we have a responsibility to accomplish our mission through effective community partnerships.

Good Steward: we believe that we will also take great care of the resources entrusted to us by others, whether this is money, time or trust, and we will be open transparent in our reporting.