Donation Center

Orlando, FL

We aim to be a catalyst, developing collaborative approaches to meet specific local needs through effective, integrated and sustainable solutions. In this way, initiatives can continue without our support and have the potential to grow.

The Bridge

The Bridge Center is a local, community-based place where people can comfortably job search in a supportive environment. We offers career planning and exploration and assists job seekers to identify career paths. 

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Feeding Our Neighbors

Our relationship-based pantry operates out of Orlando. It provides an opportunity for your family, church or business to serve a hungry neighbor by delivering a practical demonstration of God’s love in the form of a week’s worth of groceries. 

English as A Second Language​​

The ESL program prepares non-native English speakers to obtain employment, increase work-related skills to obtain a better job, and citizenship. The program prepares students to continue their education in degree or certificate programs

Computer Classes

Programs we intend to offer to the community include Computer Literacy Classes for children and adults. These courses prepare students to create documents, presentations and spreadsheets, and advanced techniques may be covered as well.

Together, we can take urgent action to prevent the less fortunate from sliding even deeper into tragedy

We currently provide support to schools, orphanages and community outreach initiative programs in Orlando, Immokalee, and Jean Rabel, Haiti. We support these programs in the following areas:

  • Improved living & learning conditions

  • Education supplies and resources

  • Community outreach and mentorship