ROTA programs change as the community needs evolve and as funding and volunteer support is available to provide services.  Some of ROTA projects.

Millions of children worldwide have no access to vital resources such as food, clothing, education and shelter. Education is one of the best ways to help disadvantaged children have a better future. Every child has the right to education, but unfortunately many of them are trapped in the circle of poverty without education that can turn their lives into success.

Brilliance and talent exist everywhere, but opportunities do not. Our model addresses the root cause of why youth are not successful, creating an ecosystem of opportunity for them to excel. We connect disadvantaged rural youth to knowledge and opportunities, cultivating informed, resilient community leaders who address local challenges and become active participants in the global economy. 

We cultivate hope and successfully alleviate poverty through supporting families' health and well-being. The focus is on people who do not yet have access to medical care. Reach Out TO All attaches great importance to sustainable, socially responsible approaches and works closely with local organizations.
We can reduce child mortality through improved health care.

We declare war on poverty by providing social services that are consistently available, accessible, and responsive to the needs of individuals, families, and groups seeking assistance; and to work with community to contribute, facilitate, and promote solutions for the enrichment of all.

Improve the overall condition, morale and image of the community through effective volunteerism.