Computer Class

Introduction to Computers Course

This course teaches students how computers work and covers the basic terminology. Students should learn how to start up and shut down programs, organize and save files, use a mouse and connect to printers. Basic word processing programs will be introduced, as well as basic keyboarding. Connecting to the Internet will be covered and students will learn to use browsers and search engines. Courses often include setting up email accounts, and may introduce popular programs such as Facebook, Skype and eBay. Internet security may also be discussed.

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Introduction to Computers Course


Programs we intend to offer to the community include Computer Literacy Classes for children and adults. These courses prepare students to create documents, presentations and spreadsheets, and advanced techniques may be covered as well.


Microsft PowerPoint Course 
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Microsoft Word Course​

This course will explain how to create and edit documents, format text and create tables. More advanced coursework will include formatting and importing data from other Microsoft programs, using mail merge and clip art, creating brochures and producing newsletters.

Microsoft Excel Course  

Introductory Microsoft Excel courses present the basics of how to create and format spreadsheets. More advanced courses will cover preparing reports and graphs, sorting data and using formula between worksheets. Templates, digital signatures and data analysis may also be examined.